NettiAuto-like website for the musicians? Why yes!

In the Internet, it’s easy to find books, cars, houses etc. What about live music? There are stories going around how someone was recommended by someone through knowing someone because someone really wanted a live musical performance for an important evening. And they were lucky to get through to a fitting musician and the event turned out brilliant in the end. However, they really wished they could “just google” for a live musician in Oulu and trust the information they found.

This is where we come in, thanks to the TechArt initiative, with the support of the city of Oulu. As a standalone business, this project probably would not yet get started, mainly because it’s not a direct money-making machine. However, in the times where live performances were more scarce than ever, a small private event now and then could help a passionate performer carry on – as well as provide the so much needed refreshment for the listeners, who were craving for live music and could not attend all the cancelled big events. So, this project is as much for us, the musicians, as it is for you, the music lovers, to get to know own city through the feelings and skills of local performers, perhaps even the ones you have never heard of before.
Welcome to the new page of Oulu with its own live platform of live performers and their appreciators!

1 thought on “NettiAuto-like website for the musicians? Why yes!

  1. Tanja Reply

    This is wonderful news! Looking forward to checking out all the art and seeing Oulu grow as a music capital as well! 🥰

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